At Sullutions psychological & behavioural services we are all about flexibility. We know a one size fits all framework rarely works for everyone and we are committed to providing our clients with a tailored service that meets their unique requirements and goals. We work within a Positive Behaviour Support framework and at all times use evidence from current research to guide our practice with families and individuals.

What is Positive Behavioural Support?

Positive Behavioural Support (PBS) is an approach to behaviour change which is based on the belief that all behaviour is done for a reason and serves a purpose for the person displaying the behaviour. At any given point in time, we all display behaviours that get us what we need in the most effective manner available to us.

Drawing on a wide body of research, PBS uses a system of assessment and interventions to build on strengths, and develop opportunities for skill building to encourage positive behaviour and reduce the severity and frequency of concerning behaviours.

What we can help you with

Functional behavioural Assessment

This is an assessment that is used to help work out why individuals are acting the way they are. It generally includes parent/carer interviews, observations of the individual in their environment (this may include school, home or in the community) and interactions with the individual themselves. Undergoing a though assessment of behaviour helps practitioners, families and networks put in place effective interventions that address the underlying problem.

Parent and carer training

We can help you understand what is going on for the individual you are caring for and learn tailored strategies to address their needs. We can offer workshops for groups of people in an individuals network helping everyone to work together to achieve the same goals.

In home behaviour support

We offer in home support to help you tackle behaviours displayed by your child, adolescent or youth that you are finding challenging to cope with. A consultant will come to your home and assist you in making and implementing strategies to address situations that are a concerning you. It is strongly recommended that if you are wanting support with behaviour intervention that a Functional Behavioural Assessment is completed.

Social skill development

We can work with individuals to help them improve their ability to relate to others, be aware of their and others emotional states, build problem solving skills, build self-awareness and self-help skills, build capacity to self-regulate.

Life skill development

We offer consultation around the development of life skills and assistance to develop these, including the development of individualised tools/resources and training for those supporting the individual.

Psychological Assessments

We offer a variety of formalised psychological assessments for a range of purposes. This might include identifying strengths and weaknesses to assist in tailoring education and interventions for your child or for funding applications; identifying developmental problems such as Autism Spectrum Disorder or Intellectual Disability; identifying a child’s sensory profile in order to assist in intervention; assessing mental health or other concerns and pre and post intervention testing to gage improvements.

Counselling/psychological services

We offer individual and family sessions with a psychologist to assist in addressing issues that are of concern to you. This may include the development of resilience and coping skills, issues arising from life transitions, development of communication skills and systems, mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety or other concerns that you may be facing. Medicare rebates may be claimed for some sessions.

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